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Rustico Alba | Property for sale
Country: Italy
Region: Piedmont
Zone: Alba

In the spectacular setting of the Langhe, in the lands surrounding the lovely town of Alba, we find this great property. It is located just 3 minutes from the town center and it's immersed in the countryside on the outskirts, in a land whose beauty has been told by great writers of '900 like Beppe Fenoglio or Cesare Pavese.
The entire property needs a restoration project, but its features make it an attractive investment, without considering that the historical context and the landscape represent an added value. Despite being in the open countryside, access to the property is not difficult, thanks to a convenient asphalted road that goes to the main farmhouse. The building must be completely restored and measures approximately 2,000 m2. On the facade there are some characteristic arches that can be saved and enhanced in order to create very suggestive atmospheres. Internally there are many rooms and the large space lends itself well to be distributed according to your taste and your needs. Near the cottage there is a second smaller building, an outbuilding, which is also to be restored.
The land ownership extends for 35 hectares quite flat: this is probably the most interesting aspect, since Alba is famous throughout Italy (and abroad) for the well-known products of its land, such as wine or truffles. Years ago part of the land was destined for cultivation of the vines, but now the whole area has been neglected.
The vast space available allows for the construction of swimming pools, parks, horse stables, vineyards ... Investing in this property offers so many possibilities, not only for those who want to make their own private residence, but also and especially for those who want to transform it into a farm holidays place or a small luxury hotel.
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