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Villa Lorenzo | Property for sale
Country: Italy
Region: Tuscany
Zone: Lucca

This magnificent villa was built by the family Antognoli in the 1600’s and numerous renovations were made leading up to the 1700’s, as mentioned in various books about the Antique Villas in Lucca. There were a handful of Antognoli Notary’s from 1500-1700 in Lucca. The Coat of Arms, an anvil with a rose belongs to the Antognoli family as depicted on a piece of stone located on the frame of the doorway leading into the villa.  
The villa is found in Massa Pisana, Commune of Lucca in an area nick-named ‘Il Colletto’ only 4 km from Lucca, and is situated on a gentle slope at the centre of the estate, surrounded by gardens and olive groves which are included in the 4 ha of land.
It is one of the few villas with two arcades adjacent to the first floor, while many of the villas of Lucca have the arcade on the ground floor. From the balconies you can admire the roof tops and towers of the city of Lucca. It’s unique in the sense that the gallery is one of the few of the hundreds of villa in Lucca which elevates, rather than on the ground floor but the first floor.
An asymmetric transverse arm, which opens in two elegant loggias on the first floor, rests on the larger body of the building, which from the façade; over the deep entrance, you reach the central hall which has the height of the two floors and is therefore equipped with a balcony. And from here this type of architecture was brought into the building of villas.
The villa is made up of 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, various large living and dining areas, a beautiful rustic kitchen and the entire house has central heating. The Italian gardens are well kept and immaculate and include a swimming pool and little chapel.
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