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Villa Salò | Property for sale
Country: Italy
Region: Northern Lakes
Zone: Salò - Lago di Garda

This magnificent 600sq.mt villa protected by a 4000sq.mt park has wonderful views of the Gulf of Salò on Lake Garda.  Although legend has it that Salò has Etruscan origins, named after Queen Salodia, others connect it to a lucumone named Saloo, others to the latin term Salodium, indicating the halls and rooms of the villas which where rich in Roman times. A reasonable explanation seems to be that traces the name of Salò to the fact that the city was, in ancient times, the economic capital of the area where important resources like salt were deposited. Already in ancient times it was connected to the Adriatic Sea throught the rivers Mincio and Po, sea salt could then easily go back and forth by boat to Salò. 
 Every year the city hosts the International Violin Festival ‘Gasparo da Salò’. A series of concerts held in the evenings of some famous European orchestras directed by famous international masters of violin. Some evenings have shows and other related events of the world of violin and the famous violin makers. 
The recently renovated villa has luxurious detail and furnishings all personally chosen by the owner. There are 5 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, various large living and dining areas and a beautiful spa with sauna. A wonderful equipped kitchen and the first floor has a terrace that surrounds with spectacular views of the lake.   Villa Salò has a beautiful infinity pool, under which you find the gym. 
There is a house available for the staff or grounds keeper adjacent to the villa. There is also possibility to purchase roughly 6000sq.mt of extra land alongside the villa.
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