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Morro Branco Resort | Property for sale
Country: Brazil
Region: Cearà

The Morro Branco Beach Resort is found in Paia de Moro Branco, Tabuba, under the municipality of Beberibe on the east coast of Cearà. The beach resort is a development set in lush gardens, near the beautiful fishing village of Tracoà with a slow pace of life and world class beaches. The distance from town is 5km and approximately 80km from the Pinto Martins Airport and Fortaleza. Owning a property near Fortaleza, is likely to be a fantastic experience and a solid investment for years to come, with fantastic weather, exotic food and some of the best beaches in the world along with an ever-increasing strong economy. Among the attractions of the beach, are the labyrinths of Morro Branco, formed by the erosion of the cliffs and dunes. Many people still risk the climb to the lighthouse, especially at sunset, as the sun is gorgeous, although there are holiday homes, hotel chains, a port of inflatable boats and craft fairs. Morro Branco is known to be one of the best beaches for kite surfing, with one of its most famous attractions being situated on the meeting between the sand dunes and lagoons with small boats called jangadas, anchored and ready to take you for an adventure on the sea.

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