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Casa Jane | Property for sale
Country: Italy
Region: Tuscany
Zone: Lucca Centro

The city of Lucca is traditionally known as the city with a hundred churches, all these large buildings are from various era’s all within the medieval walls.  This name in not a coincidence when you consider that in addition to the large number of official churches, each mansion has its own private chapel.  Currently, many churches have been desecrated, but there are still some outstanding interesting religious buildings. 

The Duomo of Lucca, the Cathedral of San Martino, founded by San Frediano in the eleventh century and later reconstructed, in addition to the architectural medieval beauty and Renaissance art, the churches contain masterpieces by Nicola Pisano, Tintoretto and Jacopo della Quercia.  Inside the Duomo the ancient cross of the Holy Face and the tomb of Ilaria del Caretto are well preserved.    Famous for its central location, the church of San Michele in Foro a marble structure built from 1070, a representative example of the architecture of Pisa and Lucca, overlooking the square in the ancient Roman forum and is still seen as the meeting point for the citizens of Lucca.

From the church of San Michele, along the city’s main street, Via Fillungo, you can easily reach the Basilica of San Frediano, one of the oldest religious buildings, still an active part and heart, of the procession of the Holy Cross every year on September 13.

The elegant 198m² apartment recently renovated with prestigious materials is in the historical centre of Lucca, within the walls.  Situated on the second floor, the apartment is made up of the following:  dining room and living area (there is a possibility to transform this room into a bedroom), two double bedrooms, two bathrooms one with a shower and the other with a bath, a livable kitchen with the original wood burning oven and the studio in the tower (with a possibility to transform this room into a 4th room) with beautiful views overlooking Lucca.

The apartment is sophisticated and has every comfort.  The bedrooms are spacious and cosy with a lot of room to move around.  The furnishings are of class and quality and the ceilings are 6m high with large windows.  Four rooms have Murano glass chandeliers.   The kitchen with its old original oven is fully equipped with Smegg appliances and has an eating area.  The apartment is equipped with air conditioning, laundry room, heating and double glazed windows.    

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