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Villa Collonica | Property for sale
Country: Italy
Region: Tuscany
Zone: Casciana - Terme - Pisa

The town of Casciana Terme is well known for the thermal system that take advantage of the Lime-sulfur that is constantly 37°C.  Its history is closely linked to the therapeutic properties of water that flow’s giving life to the Spas.  The origins of Casciana date back to the Etruscan period as recent archaeological discoveries in the Parlascio.      

It is said that the thermal water was discovered by the Countess Matilda of Canossa.  She had a blackbird that was pretty old and rundown, with feathers that were turning grey with age.  One day the Countess noticed that the blackbird was moving better and its feathers were turning back to a deep black colour and its beak bright yellow.  She followed the blackbird when it flew out in the mornings and noticed that every morning he put his feet in strange ‘smokey water’.  The Countess tried taking a dip in this miraculous water and in no time drew benefits, so she decided to build tanks which turned out to be the spas that we can admire today.    

This typical Tuscan farmhouse dates back to the 1900’s and is found in the hills of Casciana Terne, built in a rustic style, totally renovated with original materials and divided into 3 apartments of different sizes. 

Apartment 1 is 116,17m² with a terrace measuring 18m² and is divided on 2 floors, made up of the following:  on the ground floor there is a kitchen with fireplace, living area and a guest bathroom.  On the first floor there are 3 bedrooms, one with a terrace, a bathroom with bath and shower and a garden measuring 100m². 

Apartment 2 measures 36,59m² and has a living area with kitchenette, a double bedroom and a bathroom. 

Apartment 3 is 46,86m² with a loft measuring 36m² and is made up of the following:  entrance hall, guest bathroom with a shower, living area with kitchenette and a fireplace, a double bedroom with en-suite bathroom, studio and a loft bedroom. 

The villa is surrounded by an even 1000m² garden with the possibility to construct a swimming pool, 1500m² of the terrain is forest and the rest is used as agricultural land, in total there is 17000m² of land that belongs to the property.   

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