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Apartment Brera | Property for sale
Country: Italy
Region: Lombardy

Brera is a district in the centre of Milan, it is located within the Zone 1 (the historical core of the city) and it is centred around Brera Street.  The name stems from medieval Italian ‘braida’ or ‘brera’, derived from old Lomdardic ‘bryda’, meaning a land expanse either cleared of trees or naturally lacking them.  This is because around the year 900, the Brera district was situated right outside of Milan’s city walls and was kept clear for military reasons. 

Brera houses the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and the Brera Art Gallery, which prominently contributed to the development of Brera, as an artists’ neighbourhood and a place of bohemian atmosphere, sometimes referred to as ‘the Milanese Montmartre’.  Both the Academy and the Gallery are located in Palazzo Brera, the main historical building of the area; this same building also houses Milan’s botanical garden as well as an astronomical observatory.  Other features that contribute to the character of Brera include sophisticated and romantic restaurants and bars (Brera is one of the most popular Milanese neighbourhoods for what concerns night life), antique and art shops as well as colourful street markets.

The area where the apartment is situated is in a pedestrian area and only reserved for vehicles of the residents, silent and in the heart of Brera, the real Milan.  The apartment measures 200sqm divided on two levels.  On the ground floor there is an entrance hall, livable kitchen, the dining room and two living areas. On the second floor there are four bedrooms and two bathrooms.  Recently renovated, this elegant and classy apartment is in one of the most characteristic suburbs of Milan, but far from the chaos.  The nearby subway stations are Lanza and Moscova and four minutes by foot you can reach the Scala and the Duomo, one of the most elegant internal areas of Milan.   

The price also includes a garage in the building in front. 

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