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Penthouse Silvio | Property for rent
Country: Italy
Region: Lombardy

This beautiful penthouse, measuring 250m² with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms is situated in Milano 2, in a marvelous building that is occupied by politicians and well known members of the entertainment industry.  Milano 2 is a residential area in the commune of Segrate in the province of Milan.  The entire residential area was built from 1970-79 by Edilnord, a company run by Berlusconi.  

The guidelines and plans of Milano 2, included:  large green areas, contradicting the scarcity of parks in the centre of Milan in that period.  A triple system of various roads for pedestrians, cyclists and motorist, was implemented so that the cyclist and motorist do not intersect.  The main road is also situated at a level inferior in regards to the urban area, limiting the impact of the traffic.  It is an integrated planning of the district, which took in account, not only the housing needs but also the availability and accessibility of services within the district.       

Milano 2 is made up of 28 residential buildings that make up a Super condominium, which own the common areas.  There is a business centre (consisting of 7 buildings, each named after a Renaissance artist), a sports club, a hotel and residence, a religious centre, a civic centre and a school.   The district also includes a post office and a large play park. 

The general structure of the district has remained essentially unchanged over time, while adapting to demographic trends and the needs that have arisen.   

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