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Poggi Palace | Property for sale
Country: Italy
Region: Tuscany
Zone: Garfagnana LUCCA

The building, located in the municipality of Castiglione Garfagnana, stands in a stunning position overlooking the circular views of the Apuane Alps in the south-west and the Tosco Emiliano in the north-east.  At the centre of the valley is the River Serchio, surrounded by sloping hills dotted with picturesque ancient villages, evoking an image of ‘a large natural theatre’.

The numerous ancient remains, still scattered throughout the town, testify to a past full of important historical events.  Of great historical importance, in the village of Pian di Cerreto, we find the Poggi Palace (XVII) and Giovannoli Palace (XVIII).

The palace, which began its construction in the mid 1700’s, belonged to the family of the Count of Bacciano, the Giovannoli family, which was inhabited until the late 1800’s when the Earl Poggio Poggi of Castellaro, husband of Maria Anna Giovannoli, expanded the structure but due to the wars could not finish the building work.   

The building, spacious, with clean lines and classic doorways, windows, stone staircase, extracted from the local quarries owned by the Earl, hand prepared by the master masons, on two levels  with tall ceilings, basements and attics and a park of about 8000sqm. 

The entire Serchio valley seems distant from the famous Tuscan city centres, but in fact they are easy to reach crossing the Apuane Alps to reach the famous Versilia coast and the roads leading to Lucca have recently been reconstructed to make accessibility easy but still an area far from the busyness of everyday life.   The territory is rich of chestnut trees, conifer and beeches, and from a tourist and environmental point of view, a very beautiful and interesting area.   

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