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Villa Pienza | Property for sale
Country: Italy
Region: Tuscany
Zone: Siena - Val d'Orcia

Pienza is a town in the province of Siena, which is part of the Val d’Orcia.  In 1996, UNESCO declared the town a World Heritage Site, and in 2004 the entire valley was included on the list of UNESCO’s World Cultural Landscapes.   The Val d’Orcia extends from the hills south of Siena to Monte Amiata.   It is characterized by gentle, carefully cultivated hills occasionally broken by gullies and by picturesque towns and villages. 

Pienza owes its beauty and fame to Enea Silvio Piccolomini born in Corsignano and elevated to Pope in 1458 taking the name Pius II.  During the course of his Papacy, he changed the ancient Castello di Corsignano (first mentioned in 828) into a Papal residence in the Renaissance style.  It is a landscape which has become familiar through its depiction in works of art from the Renaissance painting to the modern photography. 

This splendid stone farmhouse, with its watch tower, measures 1000sqm, which at the moment is transformed into a bed and breakfast.  There are 3 mini apartments on the ground floor and 14 bedrooms on the first floor.   The ground floor includes the restaurant hall and the main kitchen.   One of the mini apartments occupies the tower, where there are spectacular views of the rolling hills.    

The property is in need of some internal restoration work.  The well kept garden host a beautiful swimming pool and outdoor seating area.   

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