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Apartment Alessandro | Property for sale
Country: Italy
Region: Lombardy
Zone: Monza

Monza is internationally famous for the racing circuit, a favorite for all those keen on Formula 1 racing, because the Italian grand prix is held there every year in September.  Monza has a fine heritage of art and history, including the so-called ‘Corona ferrea’ or Iron crown, which has been conserved in a chapel in the Monza cathedral since the days of the Longobard queen,Teodolinda.

Tradition has it that the crown includes a nail from the crucifixion of Christ.  This is why the crown was used over centuries for the coronation of the kings of Italy, including the most important European sovereigns such as Charlemange in 775, Ottone I in 952, Berengario in 888, Federico I Barbarossa in 1158, Napoleon Bonaparte in 1805, right through to Ferdinand I of Austria in 1838.

The Villa Reale, residence for the Hapsburg court was built between 1777 to 1870.  The gardens of the villa area also exceptional, as they were the first in Italy to be laid out in the landscape garden style.    Monza Park is one of the largest enclosed parks in Europe. 

This magnificent loft measuring 165sqm, has high quality furnishings with all the modern technology and appliances.  The loft, semi-independent is located in the heart of Monza.  There is a courtyard that measures 500sqm which is exclusively for the three properties that surround it. 

The loft is accompanied by a garage and laundry room and the energy saving level is very high.  Monza is close enough to Milan, for those of you who work in the city, but has the quietness and better quality of life than living in a big city.   

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