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Apartment Pfanner | Property for rent
Country: Italy
Region: Tuscany
Zone: Lucca Centro

Completely surrounding the ancient city, the walls we see today date back to the 17th century. Now, no longer used for defense, they are crowned by 4 km of green parkland, and are a lovely place to walk, cycle or stop for a picnic. Just another example of how, over the centuries, though buildings last, their roles metamorphose as times change.

Rich families who embellished the city are closely connected with Lucca’s many enchanting legends and tales.  The central square, at the heart of the city, maintained the shape of the Roman amphitheatre and shows the outline of an ancient arena. 

The construction of Palazzo Pfanner dates back to 1660.  It was the Moriconi family, members of the Lucca nobility merchants that commissioned its building.  Ruined by bankruptcy the Moriconi family was forced to sell the building to the Controni family in 1680, silk merchants who had risen to the nobility. 

The Pfanner family became involved with the century-old history of the Palazzo Pfanner towards the middle of the 19thcentury.  It was indeed Felix Pfanner (1818-1892), a local brewe from Hörbranz (Austria), but from a Bavaria family, who progressively acquired the entire structure after having set up his brewery there in n1846, the first in the Duchy of Lucca and one of the first in Italy.  The historic Pfanner Brewery, the pleasant production site and the beer garden situated between the garden and the cellars of the Palace closed in 1929. 

This historical apartment measuring 85sqm can accommodate up to 4 guests, with a double bedroom and a sleeper couch.  There is a fully equipped independent kitchen, living area with TV, stereo and WI-FI.  There is also a bathroom with shower.   There is the possibility to arrange a crib and highchair for infants and a cleaning lady.  The apartment is equipped with all the necessary house-hold appliances, air conditioning and a beautiful fireplace. 

With its lawns, its ornamental flowers, forest plants and earthenware pots of lemons that accompany the monumental string of the 18th century statues depicting the deities of the Greek Olympus and Four seasons, the Palazzo Pfanner garden measuring 3000sqm, ascribed to the genius of Filippo Juvarra, represents an excellent example of a baroque garden laid out in the heart of Lucca. 

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