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Residence Neva | Property for sale
Country: Russia
Region: St.Petersburg and the Leningrad region
Zone: Petrogradsky

Petrogradsky Island is the third largest island in the Neva Riva delta in Saint Petersburg.  Along with Zayachy Island, Aptekarsky Island and Petrovsky Island, these constitute the Petrogrqadskaya side.  It is the administrative centre of the Petrogradsky district and hosts a number of universities and research centres, as well as cultural, historical and recreational facilities. 

The elegant residence is situated on the banks of the Neva River in the historical district of Saint Petersburg ‘Petrogradsky’ with magnificent views of the park and the ‘The Cross Island’.  The residence is in the ‘Primier Palas’ whos’ members live in true luxurious style in this Nordic city in Russia.  

A group of architects have planned and set in place the finer detail of the residence, in order to give maximum comfort to the members to make them feel privileged and to convince them each day that they made the right decision in investing in this project. 

The residence has an elevator, a small port with a light house and parking bays for small vessels, a 24 hour concierge service, fitness centre with a Spa, library, a private nursery school with teachers and play areas, board of governors for the services of the building, parking, central heating and a security system. 

The apartment, placed on the second floor with views overlooking the gulf measures 140sqm.  It is composed of a large illuminated living area with a terrace, a livable kitchen, guest bathroom with a shower, 2 double bedrooms one with a terrace, and a bathroom. 

   €   36 822.00 for an underground parking   



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