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Club Moscow Avenue | Property for sale
Country: Russia
Region: St.Petersburg and the Leningrad region

This wonderful entertainment complex is for sale in the prestigious area of St.Petersburg, in the suburb of Moscow, on the main thoroughfare of the city, Moscow Avenue.  There is another important avenue in the area, Ligovsky Avenue.  The metropolitan station of ‘Moscow Gate’ is in the nearby vicinity.  This is an advantageous location as the position provides excellent visibility of the complex which allows you to navigate towards the entrance of the building. 

The club occupies almost the entire mezzanine floor of the building which consists of 5 floors.   Directly adjacent to the building there is a mall with brand stores.  In front of the building, across the road there are various small shops and cafès.  The non-residential property measures a total of 1584sqm – 300kW.

Buying an activity such as a discoteque, for many may be a personal dream.  After all, the club – a place where one goes to enjoy themselves after a hard day’s work, an atmosphere of joy and fun, which reign’s the entertainment complex incomparable to anything else.  Therefore, after frequenting the club at least one time, you still have a desire to return over and over again.  But do not forget that once you have purchased the club, there is a large amount of responsibility that goes with it.  The decisions of choosing the type of music, celebrity guest that will attend, topics and themes for organized events etc.

Buying shares in the club is only recommended for clients who have experience in this field of business, for those who’s way of life in full of fun and joy.  What could be more exciting to hear a club owner, who makes decisions regarding the entertainment at a snap of the fingers?  How does one open a night club?  Well there are two options:  you can buy the club, which is already equipped from the previous owner and already have an income. (This option is ideal for those wanting to run a club that is up and running)  The second option is to re-organize and to start ‘from scratch’.       

Do you know what it costs to open a night club? Many people think that it would need a large capital investment, after all, in the beginning, you need to purchase a large space necessary for a club, internally design it with the latest fashion furniture, hire staff, purchase the drink and purchasing professional audio and lighting equipment.  But those who know firsthand the costs of opening a restaurant know very well that in a few months, the first large profits start arriving.  However, if you do not feel strong enough for such an investment and want to leave early, we advise you to consider buying our club – restaurant ‘Papanin’, which could be your gold mine and an extraordinary source of entertainment for your guests.    

Price:   150 000 000 Rubli

            € 3 687 121.00 euro 

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