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Prainha Golf Royale | Property for sale
Country: Brazil
Region: Cearà

Prainha, like many other places near Fortaleza, is a small fishing village that has been transformed into a tourist attraction which offers many beautiful beaches, tranquility, friendly locals and an uncontaminated environment.

The North East, and in particular the state of Cearà,  is an area of Brazil that is growing more and more in the recent years, thanks to a policy to develop infrastructure and attract industries.  In addition all the tourist potential of Brazil is concentrated in the coastal area of the North as the weather is constant for 12 months with temperatures between 24°-30° and the geographical proximity to Europe and the US makes it a tourist destination easy to reach from every part of the world.  Prainha, in particular, with its historic centre and its beautiful beaches is very sought after by the tourists from around the world who are buying here to spend their holidays or to enjoy their retirement.  The 18-hole Golf Course is just a few kilometers from the resort.  The development program from the government of Cearà for the World Cup in 2014 increases the prospects of Prainha. 

Prainha is a residential area and elitist, not just tourists. Because it has a privileged elite location, the current value of the square meter is the third in the state of Ceara, preceded only by Beira Mar in Fortaleza and the district Aldeota It 's a new urbanistic area, full of villas and luxury resorts and away from the favelas, but it is well connected to Fortaleza in a few miles, so it is not only a tourist area but also residential close to a big city of 3,000,000 inhabitants, and this greatly increases its prospects. Fortaleza is in fact an increasingly industrial and commercial city, with an economic growth rate above the average Brazilian.  Who buys Prainha? Foreign investors from all over the world, buying as an investment and / or tourist home The upper-middle class of Fortaleza, first home purchase The upper-middle class of South Brazil, who buys a second home in the tourist area of ​​quality.

Prainha Golf Royale offers one and two bedroom apartments with spacious verandas.  Just a stroll away from the beach and golf courses, Golf Royale is in a privelaged location with tropical gardens and beautiful swimming pool. 

The main activity in Prainha is still fishing and every morning you can see the fishermen returning from night fishing with the typical boats used by the fisher man from all over the Northeast, called Jangadas (rafts).  The influx of tourists has developed a small crafts market and in the centre you can buy various products made from local raw materials at very low prices.  A beautiful lagoon in the sea is great for surfing and kite surfing, passing from the tranquility of the lagoon to the large waves of the ocean, a great position for sports lovers. 

The new apartments are situated in an exclusive residence comprising of 18 units with a swimming pool and 24 hour security service.  Located in the higher of Prainha, the Golf Royale benefits from a splendid sea view with white sand dunes;  a true characteristic of the region of Cearà.  All the apartments have a large veranda which can be used throughout the year, thanks to its warm equatorial climate. 

In a privileged location the Golf Royale is situated between 2 new golf courses:  Golf Ville with 9 holes and L’Aquiras Riviera with 18 holes.  The area of Prainha/Porto das Dunas (Aquiraz) is the natural outskirts of the Fortalezan metropolis on the east coast.  Today it is already considered a luxurious residential area, with tourist from southern Brasil and Europeans.  According to the latest official census of 2010 published in the ‘O Povo’ magazine, the area of Aquiraz is the highest evaluated area after Meireles of Fortaleza, with values of 4700R$ per square meter.

In 2011 the area of Aquiraz has had R$572 million investments of new and improved buildings, across the state of Cearà.  The prospects for the future growth are considerable, thanks to the golf courses but also the construction of the infrastructure and in particular the new streets connecting the commercial heart of Fortaleza and the international airport. 

A few kilometers away you will find the ‘Beach Park’ the most famous water park of Brasil, attracting 800 000 visitors a year and 20km away is the ‘Castelao’ football stadium which can seat up to 60 000 fans, home to the next World Cup in 2014.  In the vicinity there is also the new Fortaleza Exhibition center, intended to polarize the fifth business capital of Brasil.  The Pinto Martins International Airport of Fortaleza, in a strategic position is only 23km. 

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