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Pushkin Hotel | Property for sale
Country: Russia
Region: St.Petersburg and the Leningrad region
Zone: Pushkin

If any proof is needed for the extravagance of Russia's Imperial rulers, then it can be found in the fact that, in less than two centuries, the Romanov Tsars established not one but two suburban estates - at Tsarskoe Selo and Pushkin - that, in terms of grandeur and excess, outstrip even Versailles. What is more, at Tsarskoe Selo, the 18thcentury saw the construction of two vast and truly exceptional palaces, both surrounded by extensive landscaped gardens with diverse and fascinating decorative architecture.

The town is located on the Neva Lowland, on the left bank of the river Neva. The landscape is quite varied and contains hills, ridges and terraces intermixed with valleys, plains, forests and farmland. Numerous springs give rise to streams and feed ponds.

Since the early 1990s Pushkin became a luxury housing development area. Notable festivals are conducted every year on the weekend after the City Day (24 June).  International carnivals are conducted in the town from 1995 and from 2000 Pushkin is a member of the Federation of European Carnival Cities.  Large scale cleanup and reconstruction of the town was conducted before the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the town (24 June 2010).  In April 2004 vandals pushed the monument of Lenin from its pedestal breaking the statue. The reconstruction of the Catherine Cathedral began on the place of the monument on 7 December 2006.   Another monument of Lenin was heavily damaged on 6 December 2010 in an explosion staged by an unknown group.

The town of Pushkin, which surrounds the Tsarskoe Selo estates, is St. Petersburg's most charming suburb. Renamed in Soviet times to honour Russia's greatest poet, the town has numerous sights connected to Alexander Sergeevich, including a museum in the former Imperial Lycee, where he was schooled.

Like Pushkin, Tsarskoe Selo is one of St. Petersburg's must-see attractions, and can easily occupy visitors for a full day.  It can be very crowded during the tourist high-season in the summer. Arrive early or be prepared to join long queues, especially for the Catherine Palace.

This wonderful 4* hotel is in an advantageous geographical position in the town of Pushkin, which is being sold directly from the owner.   The hotel and entertainment complex has a magnificent park with fountains and a large fully equipped play area for children.  

The hotel consists of 100 rooms, divided into the following categories:  standard, deluxe, suite, suite for families, honeymoon suite and the presidential suite.  Each hotel room is totally original with modern and luxurious furniture that does not need upgrading for at least some time.  

The sporting complex has a swimming pool and spa area with the sauna separate to the Jacuzzi.  There are 3 conference halls, banquet rooms, with access to the large terrace with beautiful views overlooking the countryside.  There are two separate restaurants, a bar that can host up to 20 guests seated, and a parking bay capable of holding 200 vehicles. 

The hotel has all the necessary modern equipment, 20 telephone lines, internet, surveillance video, security system and independent gas heating. 

Price:           700 000 000.  Rubli 

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