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Apartment Alexander | Property for sale
Country: Russia
Region: St.Petersburg and the Leningrad region

In the area near Nevsky prospect, in the historic centre of St.Petersburg, these luxury apartments are on offer.  The building is divided on three floors, on the ground floor, at the moment, is being occupied by the Aleksandrovski Bank. 

Nearby you will find the ‘Field of Mars’ next to the Summer Garden which dates back to the very birth of the city, formally used as the military parade ground.  The Summer Garden occupies an island between the Fontanka, Moika and the Swan Canal and shares its name with the Adjacent Summer Palace of Peter the Great. 

On the opposite banks of the Neva River lies the Zayachy Island also known as Hare Island, separated by the Kronversky Strait from Petrogradsky Island to the north with Aleksander Park, to which it is connected by the Kronversky and Ioannovsky bridges. 

The apartment building consists of 5 apartments with a private yard and a security system.  The first apartment measuring 190sqm with ceilings 4,5mt high,  is located on the 2nd floor and is composed of a kitchen, oak living room with a fireplace, a study with a fireplace, a spacious lounge, a guest bathroom, and a bedroom with a fireplace and a bathroom.  

The second apartment is located on the 3rd floor and measures 190sqm with ceilings 3,3mt high.   Fully renovated, the apartment consists of a kitchen, dining room, living room with a fireplace, a lounge with access to the bedroom with a bathroom, a nursery room, living room with a mirrored wall and a fountain, a spacious lounge and an elegant bathroom. 

Price:             US$ 7500 / square meter 

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