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Constantine Centre | Property for sale
Country: Russia
Region: St.Petersburg and the Leningrad region
Zone: Pushkin

TRC ‘Constantine’ is a large 5 story shopping and entertainment complex with an area measuring 12 130sqm, located in Puskin, a suburb of St. Petersburg, the first and only multi-functional shopping centre at a European level. 

On the ground floor there is a hypermarkert ‘IDEA’ with space for merchandise, to serve the above floors.  The second and third levels have trading spaces/shops with their own personal office space located on the fourth floor.  Some of the clothing stores are:  Elegant, Amata Daisy, Signiore, Eva Plus, Comfort Shoes, Glamour Babes and Boys of Gold, to mention a few. 

On the fourth floor you will also find a large seating area, entertainment area for children and fast-foods.  In additions to the above there is also a beauty salon called ‘Cherche la Femme’, a studio for repairing clothing, ‘Cafè Flora’ and a night club.  In the future there will be new shops selling clothing, shoes, jewelry, banks, offices and many more. 

On the fifth floor there are company offices and a health club with a gym and cafeteria.  The estimated amount of visitors is approximately 2000 a day.  The visitors’ entrance is to the left of the building that has an open parking lot.

The complex is equipped to satisfy the needs of everyday life.  The shopping mall was built near the site of the former exhibition area, which is dedicated each year to the Saints Constantine and Helena.  Following the tradition ‘Constantine’ will often have shows and exposition, with a large variety of representations of products.  In general, there will be regular presentations, parties and events. 

Price:                          800 million Rubli 

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