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La Corallina e La Conchiglia | Property for sale
Country: Italy
Region: Tuscany
Zone: Forte dei Marmi - LUCCA

Forte dei Marmi is a low key beach resort aimed at wealthy Italians. Forte Dei Marmi was, in fact, one of the first beach resorts in Italy, begun at the turn of the century and becoming instantly popular with royalty and the rich "beautiful people" who still flock to villas in the pines. The number of bathing establishments is enormous.

Semi-detached house on sale 300 meters from the sea in Forte dei Marmi, "Villa Conchiglia" measuring 268sqm and "Villa Corallina" ,measuring  235 sqm’s are located an equal short distance from the center of town and the sea. This prime location offers the perfect balance between the vibrancy of city life and the privacy offered by one of the most tranquil and green streets of Town.

Open on three sides with a portion of surrounding land used for parking, with a single entrance, the two homes are equipped with a ventilated roof, alarm system, central air predisposition, air heating,water softening system predisposition, satellite TV and all necessary utilities up to the properties, inner and outer wall decorations.

Doorways, window sills, frames, thresholds, shower bases, cornices are made of the finest marble of various types (calacatta, travertine, rebecca etc.).


Villa Corallina                        € 2 650 000.00

Villa Conchiglia          € 2 750 000.00 

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