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Villa Poesia | Property for sale
Country: Italy
Region: Liguria
Zone: Lerici - Golfo dei Poeti

The villa, located in Lerici, arose in the sixteenth century as a monastery Barnabites; when the property passed to the private, the building was soon converted into a holiday home for its quaint and romantic location overlooking the sea. The history of this property is crossed with that of the English literature of the nineteenth century. The most famous resident of this house, in fact, was Percy Bysshe Shelley, one of the greatest exponents of Romanticism. Around 1820, the poet, who then resided in Pisa, began searching for the ideal place to live, and, exploring the Ligurian coast, was deeply fascinated by this house. So he decided to move there with his wife Mary Shelley, daughter of William Godwin and well-known author of Frankenstein. During their stay, many of the great English writers passed through here, one of them is Lord George Byron. Even after the death of Shelley, his legend continued to attract in this place many Italian and international writers, such as D. H. Lawrence, Virginia Woolf, Gabriele D'Annunzio and Sem Benelli. Precisely the latter gave the name by which this stretch of coast is now known: Gulf of Poets.
The villa has retained its original appearance over the centuries. It is located in the center of Lerici, in front of the beaches of the Ligurian Sea and not far from the castle of the town.
Except for an apartment at the rear, the property is for sale completely. It includes the main villa and a house for guests or staff.
The villa measures 500 m2, is in good condition and is a livable, but would require renovating. The facade has a porch with a distinctive series of arches and, above, a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea. The light color of the building and the simplicity of its lines give it a beauty typically Mediterranean. An inscription of about 150 years in memory of Shelley is placed on the entrance, by a Ligurian poet, known precursor of the twentieth century Italian poetry. The interior of the villa has a classic look, on beautiful floors there is an environment enriched with historical furnishings, decorations and very pleasing architectural elements, such as arches, decorated pillars and stone fireplaces.
The guest house is about 90 m2 and has two entrances. The property also includes a nice and cozy garden, whose fence provides great privacy for residents. There isn't currently a pool, but the available space and the favorable setting allow its construction in the future.
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