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Canoa Quebrada | Property for sale
Country: Brazil
Region: Cearà

There are plots of land for sale near Canoa Quedrada, in the province of Cearà.  The town on Canoa Quebrada is 150km south of Fortaleza. 

Till the 1970’s, Canoa was a fishing village, with simple and hospitable folk.  Later it became a place where hippies from all over the world used to meet up.  After this period, rich tourists started to frequent the area.  During the 90’s the way of life and calmness of this small village disappeared, because the fishermen changed their ways of life and started renting out their boats to tourists.  Fortunately the locals were able to stop the uncontrollable growth of the tourists and save the vast uncontaminated beautiful area with fascinating dunes and lakes.   

To view the sunrise from the top of the dunes, enjoy the romantic atmosphere, a long walk along the main promenade called ‘Broadway’, the nightlife reggae style and ‘Forro’.  These are the emotions and experiences that must not be missed when visiting Canoa Quebrada. 

There are only a few plots of land available for the development of Canoa Quebrada,   only the fourth line available, roughly 500mt from the sea.  Here, in the north-east of Brasil, there are many uncontaminated beaches to be visited with white sand, with breathtaking views and clear warm oceanic waters.  This area is gaining growth on an international level and has been chosen as one of the most preferred beaches of the rich, who build their private luxurious holiday homes.  The area is also an interest to foreign investors and developers.  The beaches of Canoa Quebrada are world class. 

Each lot measures 429sqm, with the permission to construct villa or apartments (8 to 12, according to the square meterage).  The sale is accompanied by documentation from the local municipality, with confirmation and description of the lots destination.  The price includes the cost of the registration of the judicial paperwork.     

Acquiring land in Canoa Quebrada can also be seen as an investment, because the land prices in these tourist areas, in the last year, have increased 35%. 

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