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Residence Quebrada | Property for sale
Country: Brazil
Region: Cearà

The city of Canoa Quebrada is situated 150km south of Fortaleza (Cearà).  Till the ‘70’s, Canoa was a fishing village with simple and hospitable people, which later became a meeting point for hippies from all over the world, and later on the wealthier tourist. During the ‘90’s the calm and tranquil way of life no longer existed, because the fishermen started renting out their fishing boats to the tourists.  Fortunately the locals where able to control the growth of the tourists and save the vast areas of incontaminated beauty with its fascinating dunes and magical lakes.  

To see the sunrise from the top of the dunes, enjoy the romantic atmosphere, a walk along the main street, which is called ‘Broadway’, the night life to the rhythm of reggae and ‘Forro’.  These are the emotions and experiences not to be missed when you decide to visit Canoa Quebrada. 

The residence will be built facing the sea, in a natural paradise with a hot and dry climate.  It will be part of a new location which provides all the necessary services according to our daily comforts, from a new hospital, supermarket and restaurants all connected to the new roads and pedestrian walkways.  Its shape reflects the best solution for guaranteed safety; fenced off, security guard, indoor pools, private solariums and a bar, already used in other residences.  Various sized apartments will be built to suit various needs.   

Located on the beach between the sand dunes, in Canoa Quebrada, the residence offers good quality with good prices.  The apartments are as follows:

5 Blocks with 8 apartments of 54,30sqm (5x8= 40 apartments)

2 Blocks with 4 apartments of 54,30sqm (2x4= 8 apartments)

12 Blocks with 8 apartments of 38,50sqm (12x8= 96 apartments) 

Prices from R$ 140 000.00 to R$ 200 000.00 

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