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Villa Capezzano | Property for sale
Country: Italy
Region: Tuscany
Zone: Capezzano Pianore - Lucca

Capezzano Pianore is part of the municipality of Camaiore, about 5km west of the town.  The name is probably derived from the latin word ‘Capitius’, and recently in the village, remains of a Roman villa were discovered, believed to be a pre-existing Etruscan site.  On this site, which is still not open to public, there was kept an old wine press that was used to press olives.  For this fact, many properties in this area cultivated olives and vines, up to the nearby town of Massarosa and along the shores of Lake Massaciuccoli. 

After the Roman period the area was owned by the lords of Versilia and much of the land from 1293 was passed between the communes of Versilia and Camaiore.  In the sixteenth century there was only an Inn and a few inhabited homes. 

Only from 1830 the real colonization of Capezzano started with the peak being the construction of the church and the parish establishment, which occurred in the last decades of the nineteenth century. 

Zita of Borbone, the last empress of Austria, who married the Archduke Charles of Austria (recently beatified by Pope John Paul II) was born in Capezzano.  The Castle of Rotaio is also situated in the town of Capezzano, a structure of the thirteenth century which dominated the ‘via Francigena’ the prilgrams road to Camaiore.

The villa which we are offering has beautiful views of the Tirrenian Sea and the valleys, only 10km from the famous beach resort of Versilia.  The villa is approximately 150sqm and is made up of an entrance hall and living area with a fireplace, kitchen, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. 

The villa is surrounded by 5000sqm of land made up of olive groves.  There is also the possibility to construct a swimming pool.   

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