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Tenuta di Poggio | Property for sale
Country: Italy
Region: Tuscany
Zone: Pisa

Ancient documents dating back to the year 1000 ensure the existance in this territory the ‘homes and vineyards’ but the more recent stories show that the farm bought in the 1700’s by the Antinori Dukes of Brindisi.  This large property, took the attention of Amerigo Antinori, a single character, a general of the Grand Dukes against Bettino Ricasoli and administrator of the family Asburgo Lorena in Tuscany.  In the second half of the 1800’s the farm, due to a marriage, became property of the Papel and the Florentine Medici.

Amongst the many properties of Aldobrandini, this was the personal favorite of the Princess Maria Antinori for the simple deminour of the villa built in the renaissance time and for the ties that Ella had for the city.  In the month of September there was the delight for the property, which became home to the communal band with concerts, thanking the philanthropic donations.  In the time that Ella resided on the property, the villa was the place of a cultural dinner in the entire province of Pisa.  In 1990 the estate was sold to the actual owners. 

This pre exsisting 18th century villa has an area of 800sqm distributed on two noble floors, accommodation for the staff and cellars.  The antique farm measure 700sqm with taverns on the ground floor.  The farm house measures a total of 440sqm and is used to house the staff and used as a warehouse.  The cantine with beautiful stone drains is used as a barrel room (capacity of more than 200 wine barrels).  The upper floor is used as a warehouse, measuring approximately 370sqm has a romantic travertine loggia entrance. 

Annex n.1  120sqm open

Annex n.2  90sqm

Annex n.3  30sqm

The estate is situated only a few kilometers from Pontedera and 20 minutes from the international airport of Pisa.  The entire estate measures approximately 30 000 hectares. 

The total number of buildings is 7, which measure a total of 2 550sqm immersed in a natural park measuring 300 hectares, an English style garden with secular Mediterranean trees, partially closed off with a natural stone wall. 

The agricultural side mostly produces high quality wine.  The equipment and highly qualified staff, are available if necessary.

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