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Residence Golf | Property for sale
Country: Spain
Region: Costa del Sol
Zone: Marbella

The name Costa del Sol, for a long time has been a symbol of prestige and elitism, a city full of color and fame.  For many years, Marbella was mentioned in the newspapers, as a destination for glamour and scandalous stories.  Everyone wants to know who lives behind the 3m high walls, whos Lamborghini is that etc.  The paparazzi are never tired of searching for Antonio Bandera, that takes a stroll down the main promenade with his wife and children, and Sean Connery that was the first Hollywood star amongst the permanent residents. 

The climate is perfect and unique – even in winter, when it’s raining and windy 50km from Marbella, in Marbella it’s a soft wind and the sun is shining.  The mountain range protects Marbella from the cold Continental current, allowing the warm African current to predominate on the white sandy beaches.    

King Ferdinand IV conquered Marbella from the Muslims, that for many years governed in ‘Al Andalus’, as the land was called.  The glorious victory was won on the 11th July 1485.  As legend has it, the queen could not but exclaim her joyous cries when she saw the seaside and panorama that made her fall in love with the mountain range ‘la Concha’.  ‘’What a beautiful sea!’’ exclaimed Isabella, this small village on the Mediterranean coast, that was called Marbella, translated in Spanish means ‘beautiful sea’.

In the 1940’s Marbella was a gold mine, when the Costa del Sol started attracting investors.  One of the first was Marquee Ricardo Soriano, which has the main road named after him, chose this paradise for grand events and upper class socialites.   Prince Alfonso von Hohenloe opened the most refined hotel in Europe ‘Marbella Club Hotel’ with its private helipad, had no form of public booking, only the starts of Hollywood had access.  Now it opens its doors to anyone who is able to spend €300 per night for a room, with the likes of the Duke of Windsor or Ava Gardner.  All in all it has now become a hotspot for people with a taste for life, independent of the size of their wallets. Marbella will proudly be your vacation home and make you feel like a king. 

To be part of this wonderful paradise, we are offering various apartments in a prime location with one of the top golf courses in luxury style – fully furnished with fine furnishings like marble, where one can relax and enjoy the sun of Spain. 

The apartments vary from one or two floors, with costs from €108.000 a €160.000 for example:

A duplex measuring 145sqm, the ground floor made up of a living room and dining area, guest bathroom and a separate kitchen with a terrace.  On the second floor there are three bedrooms, walk in closet, 2 bathrooms one with a shower and the other with a bath.  Two out of the three bedrooms have a terrace.  There is also parking and 24 hour security.

Price - € 160.000,00

The 80sqm apartment is on one level and made up of a living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, including a terrace and a parking spot, some of the apartments and fully furnished. 

Price - € 108,000.00

The apartments which measure from 110sqm to 115sqm are made up of a living room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms.  Some of the apartments have a small garden or terrace, with a parking bay and 24 hour security. 

Price -  € 110,000.00

For investors there is the possibility to rent the apartments with prices such as €400-500 in the low season and €800-€ 1 200 in the high season. 


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