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Villa Mansi | Property for sale
Country: Italy
Region: Tuscany
Zone: Massarosa - lucca

Villa Mansi is the main focus of a small historic hilltop village, 6km from the beaches of Versilia, in the southern area and more specifically in the hills of Massarosa (LU), which was built on a hill in the 13th century to shelter the travelers who departed from the valley to reach the mountains.  After the destruction of this monastery, the present villa was built, presumably at the turn of the 15th and 16th century by the Buonvisi family and for certain the Mansi’s became owners in 1725 then the Bourbons in the 18th century.

Following the rise of Napoleon in Italy, the emperor created the Municipality of Lucca and Piombino for his sister Elisa Baiocchi, which in 1809, was assigned with the title of Grand Duchess of Tuscany.  Because of its location the estate has a mild climate in winter and in summer.  Villa Mansi, protected by the historical bond, is the first noble villa built in the plains of Versilia. 

The estate is comprised of six buildings in close proximity to each other and most need to be restored.  The hamlet is divided between about 600 square meters of already restored buildings and about 1000 square meters that need to be totally renovated.  The property in itself is a small, medieval hamlet, secluded and yet still close to the main attractions of Versilia and is well connected to the highways. 

The property can be divided up to create a high level residential center or be kept as a single estate, a rarity to be sure.  As it is an entire hill belonging to a single owner, it can also be suitable for an agri-tourism resort.  Besides the great potential and beautiful sea views this property enjoys its own micro climate and has a spring which serves as water for the houses as well as the source for irrigation.  The whole hill includes approximately 3 ha of flat agricultural land, with 1,500 olive trees that produce top quality oil (despite the fact that the ground has to be re­claimed) and about 15 ha of mixed forest.

The property is accessed by a private road and also has a helipad.

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