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residenze Marbella | Property for rent and sale
Country: Spain
Region: Costa del Sol
Zone: Marbella

We propose two-room apartments, in a wonderful resort, with swimming pools, restaurants, bars, spa, jacuzzi, sauna, fitness room, reception, fully furnished 100% managed by a leading international tour operator. We offer purchase prices below 50% of the original value of sales and other income options outside the permitted strong appreciation that guarantees the current price of purchase.

On this complex, the bank is selling a final group of 20 apartments on 50% of its original price, and offers a mortgage up to 100% INCLUDING the purchase (TAXES, TAXES, NOTARY ECC) !! with an interest rate totally unique: Euribor + 1.25% !!! This means that with an installment of EUR 250 per month you can have an apartment financed 100% with mortgage !!!

L 'purchaser has two types of management: management can leave his apartment to tour operators, the puoaffitare directly or through specialized agencies in afitti to golfers:

1.- If managed by the tour operator, and the period 'from 1 June to 15 September each year. Tour Operator pays all costs of the year: building, cleaning and conservation of 'property (paintings internal control electrical and water sanitation environment, etc.), insurance against any damage, garbage fee, water and electricity utilities.
The tour operators also pays a fixed guaranteed of 1,050 Euros for the relevant period mentioned above, plus the annual cost of the above. Then for the remaining nine months, you decide what to do !. SE BENEFIT OF VACATION OR entrust FOR LEASE AT VARIOUS ENTERPRISES SPEZIALIZATE COOPERATE WITH HERE !!!.

2.- If the rent directly without tour operators, we have a proposal of a very serious company that offers 500 € / month and the customer can take two weeks to the year for him (not from 15 July to 15 September). It arrives without problems to take 500-700 Euros per week for 10-12 weeks in the summer. If we consider AND A FINANCIAL OPERATION ONLY AND UNIQUE. 6,000 Euros !!!!!


When the VAT recoveries, may regain an important part of these 20,000 eur you have invested. WATCH THAT PROFITABILITY you.

This means that with these 500 eur a month, pay the mortgage and you have an important income.

There is no such proposal in the market !!

The purchase price of 75,900 Euros, gives a high appreciation in this period of great growth in Marbella. You can talk about a 50% minimum in five years, if we consider chel '80% of the complex and' sold over 130,000 euro plus the price for the furniture.

You I made two proposals to purchase an apartment of 75,900 eur and another of 82,500 eur, with an investment of 20,000 euro and a return of VAT.

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