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golf residenze | Property for sale
Country: Spain
Region: Costa del Sol
Zone: Estepona

The property is located on the first line from the Valle  Golf Course, Estepona, Costa del Sol, España. Really nice!. It is 1.2 km from the sea, and 2.5 km from the beautiful Estepona. Well connected by normal road and motorway, with Malaga airport, just 40 minutes.

Being tourist apartments, we must remember that they are called so to the properties that are purchased to spend the holidays and to rent them, you can not live permanently as a first home because they are not residential real estate. Therefore, the customer will never have legal problems to rent it to tourists.

The ownership of each apartment belongs to 100% to the customer who buys it.

Now we start with the sale of the first phase, from 107,000 eur (those that cost less are sold immediately), a fantastic price very below the true market value. We start from 107,000 eur, ie 850 eur / mq, a fabulous price, if we take into account that in the same golf course there are smaller apartments (residential) of 140.000 eur one, on 1700-1900 eur mq, but without furniture. Each phase that you put on sale make it go up to 15%.

Why and interest buy an apartment on this complex for your client?

- Because he buys a 100% property in properties that he can sell when he wants, with a strong revaluation.

- Because it makes them a guaranteed net 5% for the first 3 years, a period in which the work of setting up the common areas will end up making it a 4-star complex. After the first 3 years, each apartment will take a% of the benefit that the complex has obtained based on the ocupation. Reaching an important income is not difficult, especially if we take into account that Spain has moved from 52 mil of tourists in 2012 to 82 in 2017, and is expected to surpass 100 mil in the next 18 months.

- The owner has all the expenses paid by the operator who manages the complex: Water, Light, Condominium, Insurance, repairs, waste tax. Only the local property tax must be paid by the owner, over 500 eur / year depending on the type of apartment.

- Because it has only a 2% purchase tax instead of 8% or 10% of residential properties.

- Because the owner can use his apartment 8 weeks per year.

- Because it has all the services available from the first moment: 24 hour reception, assistance continues, restaurants, bars, swimming pools, gym, golf, shuttle to the beach and the city, etc.

- Because the sale price for this first phase guarantees a very strong revaluation for the next 3-5 years. Have purchased a property at these prices from 850 eur / m1

- Because tourism in Spain continues to grow strongly, and customers prefer to stay in apartments instead of going to a hotel. Spain has become the second world tourist power.

- Because a tourist property is made to be rented and the customer will never have problems denouncing the building, and other neighbors who live within the structure, as is already happening in Madrid and Barcelona.



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