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villa Marchisa | Property for rent
Country: Italy
Region: Tuscany
Zone: Monte Argentario

The building is a unique and high-impact.
An architectural project born from extensive experience in the field of design and design.
Understated and elegant in structure,the materials used, continuity between interior and exterior spaces, furnishings with attention to every detail, will decline with luxury and sophistication.
A game of cross-storey, a dynamism that relate concrete and stone, transparencies and nature.

A Main House and five Suites

The living room of the Main House with its unique stained glass window 10 mt is an open space on two levels.
The scale trace a diagonal space and connects the two floors; a highly distinctive element equilibrium that exists between the structural elements and transparencies.
Upstairs, study extends through a large window in a shady patio.

The second place in the adjoining hall tower, It is intimate and cozy and features a fireplace in the Venetian '700 with its classic elegance creates an interesting contrast with the minimalist style of the villa.
Upstairs in the tower Crystal six feet tall, offers a clear view to the sky dominant .

The works of terracing built on steep terrain to the sea have suggested a design population displaced, allowing you to achieve five Suites independent without losing the sense of togetherness.
This gives all units the particularity of being able to enjoy each of their accesses and outdoor spaces in relation to a continuous path of terraces and gardens .


The terraces, patios and spaces which overlooks the villa are great places to spend time relaxing, as well as the pool of 18 mt. x 4 with Jacuzzi and infinity edge in continuity with the horizon, where the sundeck seems suspended over the sea.
All around, a mirror of the sea and the woods typical of the Mediterranean.


·         large with a fireplace

·         living room with fireplace

·         dining room

·         kitchen interior patio

·         laundry

·         2 bedrooms

·         2 bath

·         1 guest bathroom


·         living con angolo cottura

·         1 master bedroom

·         1 Camera Everywhere

·         1 bathroom


·         living con angolo cottura

·         1 master bedroom

·         1 double room

·         1 bathroom


·         double bed

·         bathroom

·         small kitchenette


·         living

·         kitchen

·         master bedroom

·         1 bathroom


·         Dependence per 2 people with kitchenette

·         1 bathroom

·         A panoramic lift External links the car park at the main entrance of the villa.

Each suite is equipped with:

·         kitchen

·         washing machine

·         dishwasher

·         heating

·         air conditioning

·         citofonia

·         stero system

·         TV satellitare

·         wifi



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