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An oasis of palm trees that bloom in the middle of the desert, sand dunes that flow into the ocean, and beaches, beaches and more beaches: solitaire, long, and endless….

A coastal road that runs uninterrupted for 600km, protected by spectacular coloured cliffs divided here and there by deep canyons. A wonder of nature, that blows from across the ocean with relentless force, that shapes and sculpts these canyons and with the warm waves, all very inviting.

On the shoulders of the canyons another sea: the desert of Sertao, the arid internal land of this region, burnt from the equatorial sun. The land of the Vaqueiros, farmers, ranches, estates, plantations of cashews, and sugar cane which is distilled into Cachaca, the mixture that you drink to celebrate or to ward off ‘saudadi’ bad spirits.

Cearà also known as ‘La terra della Luce’ the land of the light, in the language of Tupi, a population of an indigenous tribe that used to hunt and fish, way before the ‘500 when the Spanish, Dutch and Portugese arrived.

This area is one of the nine states that form the North-east of Brasil, a reality still unknown in the eye of tourist, but thanks to its natural beauty, scenery, perfect climate, the population: honest, sweet and gentile. In the last few years it is still growing, on an international and local level, as an alternative and privelaged spot for any kind of vacation.

Fortaleza, the capital of Cearà, from above seems like a modern city, in expansion, with its large promenade that hosts hotels and skyscrapers, born like mushrooms in the last 10 years. Since the ‘90’s the number of inhabitants has doubled.

People who arrived in the city with different stories and needs: businessmen, local and foreign, to invest in real estate and tourism.

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