Assistência Jurídica

The lawyers of Walls International, supply personal assistance to the clientele, preparing all the necessary documentation for your requirements, whether the case is civil or penal, giving You the highest quality advice, suitable to Your needs, using the utmost privacy and confidentiality.

In particular, we offer the following services:

  1. Consultation and legal assistance in opening a business, company formation and registration, giving legal care when buying or taking over an existing business or the purchase of equity investments.

  2. Advice and/or preparation of the preliminary deeds for the buying and selling of properties and companies.

  3. Legal assistance at the time of the deal and advice to proceed with the loans.

  4. The historical investigation of the property, so that at the time of purchase, the property is free from any prejudicial transcription and/or registration that may hinder the buying or selling of the property.

  5. Preparation and gathering of the necessary documentation for the buying and selling of property and eventual loans, accompanying the client in every stage, finding better solutions that best suit their needs.

  6. In the event that the client buys from the manufacturer, our lawyers can perform forensic investigations to see whether ‘the building was constructed according to the rules, laws and regulation’ in force today, with all the permits and approvals required, giving assistance to the professionals responsible for carrying out the technical verifications.

  7. Assistance in the preparation and negotiation of the contract with the developer and the necessary documentation required in the event that the client is interested in building a private home or to carry out building work on existing buildings.

  8. Provide comprehensive audits designed to deliver real value and underpin investor confidence.


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